Marina K hallmarks are quality, design and competitive prices. Our young brand was born more than 10 years ago, from that time on, Martina K. has made a major dent in the leading leather goods shops, shoes and fashion accessories of Spain.

Martina K. is a reference brand in the Spanish market, not only for its innovative designs but also for its attention to details to create a bag. Along with its presence in the international market. Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland are among the countries where Martina K collections have been successful.

Martina K bags are aimed to any modern woman with good taste, elegance and glamour. Young, modern and fashionable, this is how women feel with our Martina K. handbags.

We are a young family business that try to care for all its clients, who, year after year, continue to prove their loyalty and satisfaction with the purchase of our products: bags, wallets, belts, shoes, scarves, wraps, hats and other fashion accessories. All of them at the highest level of design and quality, which is our hallmark.

The upward trend of sales over the years is the key that motivate our designers to create new collections, which are a commercial success year after year.

Marina K is now a global brand with six wholesale stores in Barcelona and Madrid. Every two years we participate in the fair Bisutex. Through our website customers have access to all our collections and can buy and restocking immediately by the ‘cash and carry’ that the company offers.